Yaron Tal

General Partner - Cognum Innovation

Yaron Tal brings more than 20 years of experience in senior executive management positions, having served as CEO, and COO in public and private companies. Mr. Tal has extensive experience in general management, established worldwide infrastructures including sales organizations, engineering and manufacturing facilities, developed management teams and designed/implemented strategic plans, mainly in the fields of medical devices and clean tech. Mr. Tal has strong experience with P&L management and budget planning, preparation of public offering, finance and cash management, M&A transactions and fundraising for start-up companies of over $100M.

Uri Cohen

General Partner – Cognum Innovation

A specialist in mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, investment banking, deal support, debt restructuring, taxation, accounting, regulation, cost analysis, business consulting, strategic planning, reorganization and recovery plans. Cohen has vast experience in the fields of banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy (oil and gas), industrial sector, retail, real estate, hi-tech, transportation infrastructure and services.